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25 2022-05

International plug adaptor manufacturers share what is an adapter

According to the international plug adapter manufacturer, the adapter literally means a converter suitable for different interfaces, referred to as an adapter. Its function is to allow two different interfaces to be connected to each other. It is divided into many types and protocols, such as power adapters. , network adapters, etc., which are very important.
22 2022-05

What is a switching power supplies products

With the development and innovation of power electronic technology, switching power supplies products is also constantly innovating. At present, switching power supplies products is widely used in almost all electronic equipment due to its small size, light weight and high efficiency. It is an indispensable power supply method for the rapid development of today's electronic information industry.
20 2022-05

Characteristics and application scope of wholesale switching power supplies

Main features of wholesale switching power supplies: 1. Small size and light weight: Since there is no power frequency transformer, the volume and weight are only 20-30% of the linear power supply. 2. Low power consumption and high efficiency: The power transistor works in the on-off state, so the power consumption on the transistor is small and the conversion efficiency is high, generally 60-70%, while the linear power supply is only 30-40%.
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