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30 2021-12

Application principle of ac to dc power supply

The circuit of ac to dc power supply is a circuit that converts sine wave alternating current into direct current. If the input signal is not a sine wave, but a triangular wave or a sine wave with relatively large distortion, the relationship between the average value and the effective value is 1.11 times.
23 2021-12

The working principle of power supply adapter

Power supply adapter manufacturers believe that mobile phone chargers (also called mobile phone adapters) consist of a stable power supply (mainly a regulated power supply that provides stable working voltage and sufficient current) and necessary control circuits such as constant current, voltage limit, and time limit.
18 2021-02

What are the plug types of the power adapter?

Friends who often go abroad know that different countries require different adapter plugs. The shapes of sockets used in different countries are different.
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