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Power supplies made to your specifications

Let us design a solution for you!


We have kinds of power supplies and adapters for all kinds of industry use including the medical field, small househould electrical applicance, telecom, Audio&vedio, CCTV, security and access control industrials and various industrial applications.


If you cannot find a product to meet your requirement in our standard models or you need a new idea about the power supply, please take advantage of our experience in design and manufacture of custom-designed power suplies.


With over 15 years experience to worldwide market,Strong technical and molding development ability with advanced facilities, We are familiar to world market and have the capability to offer creative ideas to needed OEM/ODM customers.


Power supplies with the outputs you need. Customized samples take only 7 days. Customized models which totally satisfies technical and operational requirement and target price are available.


Warmly welcome your ODM/OEM Project.


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